TOSY 36 and 360 LEDs Flying Disc - Extremely Bright, Smart Modes, Auto Light Up, Rechargeable, Perfect Birthday & Outdoor Camping Gift, Easter Basket Stuffers for Men/Boys/Teens/Kids, 175g frisbees

Product Features
  • 36 SUPER BRIGHT LEDs - 100x brighter than any other light-up discs! The black plastic disc looks super cool, while the white one gives better visibility when you throw it outdoors at night.
  • SMART MODES & MOTION SENSORS - Easily select the Brightness level and Timer mode you want. LEDs light turns on and off automatically for battery-saving.
  • RECHARGEABLE - 30-minute charge that lasts up to a thousand throws (at B1&T0 modes) or a full Ultimate match of 90 minutes. Package includes 1x USB Type C to C cable (charger not included).
  • 175 GRAMS - Our disc meets the Professional Ultimate standards for long, straight, precise flights and highly comfortable grip. It is great for freestyle tricks too!
  • GAME-CHANGER DISC - Spice up your gift ideas list and favorite disc bottle and tossing games (Beersbee, Polish Horseshoes or others) with our highly durable, waterproof and premium discs!

Manufacturer Information
Udisc 4x Packages U D1Udisc 4x Packages U D1
Udisc Exploded D1Udisc Exploded D1
  1. Udisc Gift
  2. Get Active D2
  3. Camping
  4. Game Changer
  5. Freestyle
  6. Multiple Options

TOSY Disc Key Features

TOSY Ultimate Flying Disc LEDTOSY Ultimate Flying Disc LED

360 & 36 LEDs

Turn heads and impress others with these extremely bright & latest-generation flying discs that are 1000x brighter than any other light-up discs.

Smart ModesSmart Modes

Smart Modes

12 adjustable modes for the UltraLED version and 8 for the LED version allow you to choose your preferred Timer and Brightness levels.

Motion SensorsMotion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Using Motion Detection technology, the light turns on and off automatically to preserve the battery for longer playtime.

Rechargeable Rechargeable


A full charge only takes 30 minutes and can last for a thousand throws. Refer to the user manual for charging instructions.

Lost ModeLost Mode

Lost Mode

In addition to the phosphorescent rim, the disc will blink after it falls straight on a still surface to help you locate it in the dark more easily.

Straight FlightStraight Flight

Straight Flight

Thanks to our patent-pending design and aerodynamic engineering, the disc is well-balanced and flies smoothly even with all the electronics inside.

Waterproof Waterproof


Our disc weighs 175 grams, similar to any competition disc for official Ultimate games. It is also waterproof and floatable.

Comfortable GripComfortable Grip

Comfortable Grip

The contoured grip and soft, premium plastic of the rim makes catching and throwing super easy, safe and fun.

Which is best for you?

Udisc UltraLED White Green
Disc UltraLED
Udisc LED Black Red
Disc LED
Duo UltraLED Blue
Duo LED Purple
Boom Green
Product(s) 360 LED Disc 36 LED Disc 360 LED Disc + 3 LED Boomerang 36 LED Disc + 3 LED Boomerang 3 LED Boomerang
Brightness Modes 6 4 6 4 1
Timer Modes 6 4 6 4 1
Motion Sensor ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Auto On/Off ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Lost Mode ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Waterproof ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Battery Capacity 300 mAh 50 mAh 300 mAh + 50 mAh 50 mAh + 50 mAh 50 mAh
Battery Life (B1, T0) 2000 throws 1000 throws 2000 throws + 250 Launches 1000 throws + 250 Launches 250 Launches

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